En este video, el Dr. Alberto Marti Bosch,explica de una forma muy simple el sistema acido-base de nuestro organismo, la nutrición celular y su repercusión con as enfermedades actuales. Una conferencia que desde LR-Network recomendamos ver.
El nivel alcalino es muy importante por que los estudios han demostrado que las enfermedades no pueden sobrevivir en un estado alcalino pero en cambio se fortalecen en ambientes acídicos..
LR Activity Starter Kits We put all the resources and facilities so that you can start NOW to work as an LR partner. Acquire any of our initial kits and benefit from important discounts and benedictions from the first minute as an LR partner.
Since my beginnings in LR in 1992, I have received about 24 Annual Bonus! My best decision: Working with LR! The annual bonus is for each Head of Organization that has achieved at least 1,000,000 points in total sales. It is a great prize for the work done during a whole year, and that does not include the monthly commissions that are also charged according to the volume of sales. In the photo with Johanna Bravo from the team of LR-NETWORK.
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