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Colostrum: Concentrated protection and strength from nature

Not all colostrum is the same. For a high quality product LR ensures the following quality parameters:

  • Exclusively from cows from Germany
  • Utilizing only the overflow colostrum from the first hours
  • Mild manufacturing to protect the sensitive substance of immuno glubulin, growth factors etc.
  • No added preserving agents


Probiotic12: Good health is my is feeling good

Probiotic bacteria distributes over 400 varying bacteria strains. Millions and millions of these bacteria populate our intestine. The human well-being depends on the right balance of these bacteria.

  • 12 diverse bacteria strains
  • 1 billion pro-biotic bacteria per capsule
  • With supporting pro-biotic
  • Patented micro encapsulating
  • Lactose Free

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