Jan Bohn | President

I have over 20 years experience developing my own business with the company LR Health & Beauty in 10  from the 30 countries where LR has subsidiaries..

  • Partner since 28th May 1992 
  • Junior Team Leader from July 1992 
  • Organization Leader from August 1992 
  • Silver Organization Leader from November 1992
  • Gold Organization Leader from April 1993
  • Platin Organization Leader from September 1993
  • Vicepresident from January 2005
  • President from January 2019

In only 14 months i got the qualification for Platinum Organization Leader.

exito jan johanna lrnetworkA case of SUCCESS

"My motivation was  to start my own business without risk and have my economic freedom to make come true my own wishes, but of course  it is very important to  work together with a really serious company with high quality products and attractive commission plan as LR."

What i find most fascinating are the passive income received by the volume generated every month, thanks to the turn over/marketing you are doing with the business and products , these passive income is what give you the economic freedom to decide on your life and your time.

jan johanna monica naranjo lrnetwork lrhealthYour work, your time... your life

"There are not many people who can decide on this, because if you are an employee, your boss will always decide on your schedule and your income. If you have your own business, with workers, you have too much risk, large investment and too much responsibilities."

I work with my couple Johanna Bravo, together we have created LR Network, here you will find general information about our business, the company , the products and also an area dedicated to train all  my partners with important tools to develop their LR business in a easier and fastest way. There are also training videos in different languages : Dansk, Deutsch, English and Spanish.

cheque sevilla 2017 3

My three rules for success

I have three rules which if are followed with consistency and discipline, there is only one result: SUCCESS! These are my rules since I started, so I'm the best example!

  • Sale of Products: because you earn instant money.

  • Register your business partners: to grow rapidly.

  • Teach people on your team to do the same as you: That's how duplication happens!

If you are looking for an alternative , a serious and stable business which gives you monthly income, company car, incentive trips also the possibility to heritage the business to your family,without risk or big investment, then I invite you to join my team.

You will learn from my experience and success with LR. This may be the opportunity of your life, because success is not accidental...

Jan Bohn | Presidente


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