Set Lifetakt Cell Essence

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Set Lifetakt Cell Essence

LR LIFETAKT Cell Essence Food supplies cells with important basic nutrients. A combination of high-quality fruit and vegetable extracts, carefully selected superfoods such as moringa and acerola, and a blend of valuable vitamins, minerals and enzymes ensure long-term maintenance of cellular health.

LR LIFETAKT Cell Essence Energy supplies the cells with all important energy nutrients and thus supports the production and conversion of energy nutrients into body energy (=ATP).
A combination of innovative superfoods such as spirulina, chlorella and guarana, and a complex of high-quality B vitamins and minerals guarantee an increase in the energy level in the cells, as well as a remarkable increase in the
energy and vitality.

LR LIFETAKT CELL ESSENCE REGENERATION reinforces the natural regeneration and division processes of cells, as well as the multiplication of genetic information: DNA. Contains a combination of high-quality vitamins and minerals with scientifically proven efficacy and turmeric, the Ayurvedic superfood.

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