Vitamins and Minerals


tabla-ph-pro-balance-lrnetworkAktiv Vita: A safe Suminstro vitamins for the whole family!

Vitamins are a pillar of our health. Vitamin D and the immune system favoring B6, vitamin B12 cell division and vitamin B1 heart health.

  • Concentrate extracted from 21 types of fruit and vegetables
  • 100% supply of vitamins
  • No preservatives or dyes
  • Recommended intake: daily or one teaspoon 5 ml


ProBalance is the foundation of everything!

ProBalance give your body essential basic minerals for inner balance – also great as a bath salt for outer application!
Minerals are never in their pure form, instead they are always bound in salts. Particularly important for the bio-availability of the mineral compound is the right proportion of these varying binding agents like citrate, carbonate or e.g. glucanate.

  • Balanced minerals and trace minerals
  • A valuable mix of citrate, carbonate and gluconate
  • Lactose Free
  • Results in a basic pH-balance of the bath water of around 8.5
  • Helps stimulate the restructuring of the top dermal layer of the skin
  • With the strength of basic minerals and precious ruby stones, amethyst and amber.

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